Blog Kaise Banaye Step By Step Guide (2021) – Complete Information

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Blog Kaise Banaye in Hindi 2021 (Step by Step Guide): If you want to earn money sitting at home, then blogging is the best way. Many people have made blogging their career. And there are many such bloggers who are earning millions a month from blogging.

There will be many questions in your mind that Blog kaise banaye in Hindi? Blogging Kaise Shuru Karen? Blog what? So today we will tell you how you can make a good blog.

Creating a blog is not a difficult task, but you should already know about the blog. For those who do not know, it is very difficult to create a website or blog.

There are many such blogging platforms on the internet from where you can create a new blog for free. From where you can create your blog.

It would be great if you create your blog on using your own domain name and web hosting, you can make the blog as you want here.

Blog Kaise Banaye What is a Blog? What is Blog

Blog is a type of website, where you can write your thoughts on a topic (Niche / Topic). If you think that you can write very well on any topic and those topics can be useful to people. So you can write those topics on the blog. You can write a blog on any topic.

What is needed to make a website (blog)?
You will only need a few things to make a website.

Gmail Account
web hosting

Blog Kaise Banaye in 2021

So let’s start how to make a blog. In the beginning, people think that a lot of money will be spent in blogging and if they fail then their money will be wasted. But this is completely wrong. Those who start work without thinking, they fail at some point of time in life. If you have complete knowledge about blogging then you will never fail. And the same thing applies in blogging

What are the things to invest in to start blogging?

Which topic to choose for blogging?
The biggest question in starting blogging, which comes to everyone’s mind and which many people are unable to decide, on which niche should the blog be made?

Your Interest: This is a very good option to choose the topic of the blog. You can also select the blogging niche according to your interest. For example, if you are more interested in health, then you can make your blog related to Health Tips.

Which Domain & Blog Name to Choose?

In Blog Kaise Banane, after Topic, the second biggest problem is this, what should we name our blog and what should we keep the domain name for it?

You can use Blog Name Generator Tool for Blog Name Domain Choose, take suggestions from people about it.

Try to always keep the domain name short and simple, so that if someone hears it once, it can be remembered.
You must keep your blog main keyword in the domain URL.
Do not use any kind of special character in the domain URL.
Find Best Web Hosting

A good hosting (web server) is required to create a new blog. Through web hosting, photos, videos, content and database etc. on the blog you create are hosted or placed on the server.

How and from where to buy hosting?

A2Hosting is very popular in India and it is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. You can buy website hosting by logging into simple A2Hosting.

Bluehost and Hostgator are foreign companies. But these are very old companies. Or both are known for their best service.

Types of Web Hosting
Shared Web Hosting
to handle less traffic
Best for new bloggers
Law price
VPS Hosting
Web Hosting For Medium Traffic
Website/Blog speed is faster
How to setup WordPress Blog?

WordPress CMS (Content Management System) in which we can make our blog according to our own. For this, you can install WordPress by going to Direct cPanel, if you have bought your domain and hosting from the same company, then you can setup Direct WordPress.

And if you have taken Domain and Hosting from different service provider then there is a need to add these two together. Then you can install wordpress.

To connect Hosting and Domain, from where we buy hosting, we get two NameServers which look something like this.

Both of these, you have to set on the domain, for this you have to add the nameservers given by the hosting in place of the nameservers already existing from where you have bought the domain.

After this you have to install WordPress by going to the cPanel provided by Web Hosting and going to WordPress CMS Application.

When the process of WordPress installation is completed, after that you visit YourDomainName/wp-admin in your browser. After that you can login with User Name and Password.

Upload WordPress Theme

Installing the theme is very easy after login to the WordPress dashboard.

Go to Appearance. Where you go to the theme option and upload the WordPress theme and install and activate it.

Congratulations. Your new blog has been created. But still your work is not done. Your post is yet to be written.

Now you can start writing post on your blog, for this you can start writing your first blog post by clicking on Posts > New post.


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